Thursday, April 25, 2013

undi utk dapat bonus yg banyak??

me:  michelle, hi.. morning
        i sent *** to you to review my job
         have u received?
         hope u give me good marks.. nak bonus banyakkk,   boleh??

Michelle:  hi kak su

me:    heheh, merayu undi

Michelle:  yes yes dun worry

me:  just a gentle reminder 

Michelle:  byk bonus belanja makan ye kak? lol

me:   bolehhhh, no prob
         today also can
         hehehe, UNDILAH KaK SU

Michelle:  hahahah, tanda pangkah

me:   takde la emoticon pangkah tuu
         thanks ye

Michelle: sure u're welcome

this conversation is where i reminded my boss that they have to help me get good bonus and increment and then i will be motivated to work even harder and smarter.. ahak!

only the boss that u are kamcing with can be sent this kind of reminder ok?  silap2 abis pulak korang!!