Tuesday, May 09, 2006

City Zen

9 May 2006 10.48am

My fren, ct said after reading my blog, "why you never write about me?". Now, let see. What is so interesting about her that i can write here....

Well, takde apa... kah kah kuang. No laa. Sebenarnya she's my best fren, of course i've got lots of things to say about her. She's always there for me. During good and bad times. I love her so much. We've been frens since darjah 5, kelas cikgu othman, gitu. She's a quiet girl. Steady jer. Nak kata pandai dalam kelas, takdelah menonjol sangat, the kind that keep to herself type. Don't know how we get along till now. Yang lagi dua, rosma and jana, dedua dah jauh sekali. Tinggal kami berdua yang very close since 1981 tu. Frens come and go, but ct will always be close to my heart.

Hope we can still be like this till the day i die. Takde simpan gambo dia, jadi takbley nak share.


  1. ko pun bizi gaks eks.... blog ko tak de update till todate

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