Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Dengarlah keluhanku di bulan tiga laluuuu

Ini conversation tru email, i copy paste

From: me (tru email la ni - i copy paste for kenangan)
Sent: Monday, March 23, 2009 2:49 PM
To: sitizen
Subject: dengarlah keluhan
Importance: High

salam ti..
i wish i could join your company ti..
recently i have problems with my colleage, my boss threatened me by saying:
she can take out any one of us, either to fire or
to transfer to another state/dept.
really, can they simply do that? i'm not the problematic (disciplinary) staff.. m just being there, but not sooo, frenly, dah menyampah ngan kerenah colleage ni, tu pun aku jugak kena mengalah... sebab the other person tu, seems like she
got personal problems with ex-hubby dia and she informed bosses semua, now.. i pulak kena bersimpati ngan dia and shd be more understanding..
dia nyakitkan hatiku ni, takde sapa pulak nak try to understand..
cam syiallll je kengkadang i fikir, sedangkan i dah lama, dah 5 taun keje dan dia baru setaun jagung and i am sickkkkk of all the kelly ng's politicssss

benci dah
abg i soh i tanya if you have any vacancy..
i would really love to try out
i know u told me to contact HR directly, but have forgotten the email address, kindly provide again.

thanks for your time

Jawapan dari sitizen pulak..

Wasalam su
Awat sedey jer…that’s life..i also do not know why cant they leave us alone..but ur boss is too can she said like that..entah apa yang minachi tu cakap pasal u
Colleage u lagi teruk..Kite layan pun susah..kite x layan pun susah…
I had a though time here su..i don’t like the environment..maybe ull appreciates more ur work life there rather than working with all malay like here…I rasa I byk keja yg jadikan I too occupied to listens to others…I takut u lagi x tahan, sini politik melayu kuat and sucks
Anyway…try ur luck..k..try email ur resume, sbb ada vacancy kat call centre..I forward skali the ad
Email ur resume to Ms .......................

Sabar ya su

Saja buat kenangan kat sini.. acik sebenarnya ada ramai kawan yg sangat memahami.. hhuhuu, terharu tauu!

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