Thursday, June 27, 2013

my new toy boy

26 june 2013

howdy.. semalam hangin habis bila aku nak duit kat kanda nak beli tab yg ramlah tokey avon tu nak lelong.  i told kanda.. kan nak belikan saya? dah janji.. kanda bagi alasan tak semestinya nak beli sekarang ni.. later2 laa..
adoi.. sentap mak tau.. seharian aku emo.. mikirkan he doesnt care that much.. i've lost the touch already.. huuhuu.. so sedih and geram.  i even told him.. takpelah, will get it myself.  even discussed with ramlah to hold that for me till tomorrow.

workload was like loads ok, so, i find it difficult to write recently.  but knowing how fast i can type, it is actually just giving reasons not to blog, right?  nahh.. once i finished work yesterday, i went walking slowly to KL sentral for a dinner and window shopping.. oh so best i got to do this... i only came home almost 10pm.. geram tuuu.. kanda was at mak's waiting for dinner.  he called earlier saying if i wanted a lift back, i said no, coz i need to buy somtin.. hahhaha.. so bad, so hurtin that i dont want him.. boleh?

lepas dinner, went back to our house.  kanda dah balik awal lepas abis makan trus balik.. so selfish of him i thot.. coz never asked me to come back together.. all of his actions are making me hurt only.. huhu. so much of needing someting so badly kan?  i sat next to him and pretended i wanted his attention.. eh, mmg betul pun.. nak kasih sayang laki dowhh.. pastu dia soh aku check out in our room... aku kata pebenda.. he said, abg belikan awak tuu..  and i went checking.. oh em jiiii.. suka giler, but was surprised... why does he have to make me sentap all day just later to find that he was trying to suprise me.. oh no.. mencik tapi rindu la kanda niii.. heeeee

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1..

so this is going to be my toy now. . idak ler dapat gelang emas ke cincin batu permata lagi.. but, m very happy and i m very2 thankful to kanda.. havent got the time to study this yet.. but will sure enjoy it later.

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