Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Do you know what i have this morning for breakfast?
How can u know, if you were not there with me.
What ever it is, i will tell u jugak, kan?
I have mihun this morning, at my cafe in the office.

While waiting for Od to come, i ate my mihun sampai kenyang. Actually, the mihun is tasteless, but when u mix it with the sambal they supply, baru boleh makan. Minum teh tarik and i started work.

Tetiba, Artie came and passed me tupperware, with mihun inside saying i shd eat them without complaining - sedap ke tak sedap, becoz she cooked the mihun herself. Pobably she came from Bentong becoz she was late masa bagi mihun tu tadi, still dengan handbag. Anyway, thanks for the rezeki today.

Teringat pulak ikan goreng and lauk tomyam which i tot of bringing to the office this morning. Last-last passed to kanda pulak. Entahlah, maybe that wasnt my rezeki. It's kanda's. My rezeki is makan Ati's mihun.
Alhamdullillah, syukur pada rezeki yang Allah beri untukku hari ini.

Mihun sarapan, mihun lunch, maybe mihun lagi dinner nanti??

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  1. tibalah tang loratnye tuh...hehehe

    umi umi...ko mmg kelakaus...