Friday, February 24, 2012

aku terima dugaanMu

abah oh abah.  he was awarded again yesterday.  mmg dah tau but doctor needs to make him stay in the ward for one day before they can do the piroscopy thing, which i dont know the right spelling pun... tu take out the water in his lungs.  he was fasting since the night before but have to wait like the whole day till 4.30pm for his turn to do the thing.  

i pity him.. dah la puasa.  sakit pulak.. tunggu pulak.  but he seemed relaxed je.  abah the coolest person in the world for all i know.  i sent mak back home   for her to relax as you know my mom pun dah tak larat gak.  she needs lots of rest.  so i came back to the hospital with azmeer.    

this was last jan. 2012, first time abah was admitted in hosp. selayang.  

balik je dari buat piroscopy tu, he was very hungry.  i made him a mug of milo o.  lots of sugar.. hehe.. and he ate chocolate bun with it.  sooo, the very kesian to see  him.  then the doctor came and told me and abah the whole story.  1 liter of liquid was taken out of his lung during the process.  doctor told me that he is sufferring from lung cancer.. oh ya tuhankuuu ..omg.. it's not like i was not given the expectations earlier, but.. knowing how jahat cancer is.  aku jadi sedih.  abah relax je lagi.  he was asking the doctor what was the cause.  the doctor gelak je.. rokok la pakcikkk.. abah oh abah... he admitted.. pakcik dah salah la ye?  astaghfirullahhalazimmmm.. sedihnya time ni.. nak lalak dah aku.  tapi aku tahan tahan dan tahan.  pada aku abah kena lihat aku strong and bagi dia support that it's ok and i am here to support you abah.  yes.  i will be beside you all the time bah.  i love you so much tau!!

this photo was taken yesterday.  nice view, kan?  see the teh tarik?

mak was quite shocked when i told her about this news.  but mak pun redha dengan semua ini.. we all are now, my family.  
kawan2 semua.. just remember.. we shd treasure our family especially our mom and dad and always give them support and try to make them happy or rasa dihargai.  tu je.  

pagi tadi.. sabar menanti!!

aku rasa semua ini ada hikmahnya.  mmg ada.  cuba bayangkan.  dua2 parents aku ada penyakit.  mak darah tinggi and diabetes, abah pulak, lung cancer.. wow..  if i do not take good care of myself and my health, i will also end up like them.. nak kata apa lagi.. but just to be careful and try to improve on our own health je.  i am so gratefull that i am in the process of slimming down.  kalu dah kurus, insyaallah penyakitpun kurang and FIR dalam PB yang aku pakai ni sgt berkesan utk memulihkan sel2 badan yg rosak dan membunuh sel2 canser.  at least aku sudah berikhtiar.. yg lain2 ku serah kepada mu ya allah!!

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