Wednesday, March 07, 2012

you must be blind

you must be blind if you cannot see that this PB business is a good business.  why do i say that?  here... look.. you can purchase anything that you desire if you have lots of money like my group leader and mentor, hanis haizi.. it's only for the month of january 2012 ok.. RM234,784.04....  mmm ..check it out!!

am so proud of her.. even if she's already at the TOP as CDM, she still works hard and work smart to make sure all her business partners achieved their goals.  she is still a nice, humble and so supportive towards me and the  others in her group, despite what she has achieved.  i am so proud of you sifu hanis.  so blessed i am in her group and really hoping that i could become like her!!

come and join me in this group of successful people, CONFIRMED you guys will succeed as long as you want it badly like ME!!

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