Wednesday, June 25, 2014

apakah yang kau lakukan?

apakah yg kau dah lakukan kepadakuuuu?
hingga aku tidak dapat tidur lena
hingga aku tidak dapat fokus tugas seharian
apakah apakah apakah... ngekkkk

mahaplerr.. aku termerapu.. kojo banyak amek.. nak sambung sebab keje lepas 5.30 harus kena rehat dulu sebelum disambung.. cewahhh.. macam ada kantin nak pi pekena teh tarik ke per sebelum sambung.. well.. i shd say.. i really miss writing.. so i write lah.. i feel i got so many things to tell you mr. blog.. but since i am so so so busy and was quite occupied most of the time (or no connection kat umah).. maka i takdelah dapat menulis.. ni dah kes rindu teramat rindu nak tulish..

now tengah busy.. our office kan nak closing account.. yeah.. dorang ni lagi nak close lagi gelabah.. shd have started to do things slowly since march.. but then.. keje byk, org tak cukup.. now dah ckup org.. they started to bill their clients laa.. maka that's where i come in.. yehaaa... i love my job.. really, i do.. i deal with the systems and sometimes only with the people.. but then.. i prefer the systems coz it doestnt talk back or ask me too many questions.. heeheheheheheh.. normal kok pak..

enuf about work.. lets talk about myself.. ish cam selfish lak kan?  heheheh..  sabtu haritu was my bday tau.. but yeah.. its just a change of number to forty tutttt.. ehhehe.. mapuh segan nak bitau.. but yeah.. i am so so so thankfull.. my frens wished me.. mostly kat fb lah.. yg lain2 biasalah adik badik pun byk tak ingat but i dont mind.. been borned to this world is already a gift from Allah.. and i am so thankfull..   pada insan2 yg telah membuat aku bahagia dan derita.. cewahh.. derita tu.. you know who you are.. but i am also thankful. coz if no derita, i wont feel alive to enjoy all kinds of feelings .. ye tak.. ye laaaa.. hmmm

okay lah ling, i got to go.. will have to continue work.  will stay today, but not too late.. letih laaa.. too much work and no play make me a boring person u know.. and boring is not my style.. huuu

terkenang zaman dgn gang2 gym.. really miss u guys laah..

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