Wednesday, January 09, 2008

List of things to do

Hari yang sungguh membosankan.

These are list of things I want to do after work today:

1. Singgah kat Sushi King and makan sakan-sakan. I want CT Zen to accompany me and of courselah I will belanja.

2. Belikan pizza untuk Amal & Ameer so that they wont question me if I come home very late due to makan sushi tadi.

3. If the no. 1 above cannot happen, or if CT Zen can’t make it, I will have to go to plan B, which is wait for kanda to come back and ask him to go out and have dinner, kat mana ek? I guess that would be pizza hut.. our family feveret restoran.

4. Esok cuti, so I tot of getting a very good sleep, so please, anak2, do not kacau umi who is so the very tired working these past 3 days.

5. Masak kanda’s faveret lauk, that is rendang asam and ikan kembung goreng, together with some sayur tumis for myself.

That would be all for now. I think I might write more at home.

This is written because I feel so the boring one…


  1. mak su...
    ingat nak pi sushi king kat selayang mall je, but.. tulah
    kita merancang, Allah menentukan.. iaitu, tak menjadik..