Saturday, February 18, 2012

majlis anugerah sm ssm 2012

salam readers.. i m so excited to write about the just finished award ceremony (petang tadi tauuu) by hai-o marketing..  this is my first award in  PB business.  and am sooo proud of it after a month joining.  m so happy i have chosen to take the challenge from someone to try out something new.  thanks so much ira shahira.. 

eh, terspeaking english la pulokkk..  dah biasa lahh..nak kena biasa2 kan yg baik dan baikkan yg biasa2.. ye ke.. layannn.

me and my team kumpul ramai2 and posed for this great day.. so, check us out!!

so sad our leader, aliah nasreen cannot make it as her son, zarel is not well.  nevertheless, we all still stick together as a team!!

 i am fourth from left if you dont know..heheh

wan la and me .. 
she shared so many tips today.. lenturkan hati, belajar saja dari sesiapa, even if she's younger (i told myself all the time)

i love you guys.. makes me feel 20years younger and energetic too.. boleh?

alya and me.. alya has become my good fren besides being me leader.. 
we think alike.. we link.. i've learned so much!!

congrats to the team and myself.. nak pi spa to reward myself again.. hehe 
dont look at how far u have to go su, just amazed on how far you've gone through.. setuju?

if you are the type that wants to challenge yourself to get more, you should give even more.. 

i believe this business is the best business for me.  

buzz me if you want to know details

call / sms 014- 7242 338

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