Monday, March 11, 2013

hamba Allah bukan hamba abdi

last week friday my office was organising this gig for the international women's day.  i was there simply because i had so nothing to do (at times really, i will feel really bored not having any work to do).. so, i went to the show at 15 floor of my office.  i signed up on the spot and were given a "stop modern day slavery - freedom" badge.  if i were to sign up early, i would be given a t-shirt cut & made into a bag.. mm.. not so me... hehe.. i was happy i decided to join the gig and the talk show they have which they talked about human trafficking and slavery.  the show by kenny tan of the dulu2 kenny, remy martin was so entertaining youu.. terharuuu akakkkk.  even kenny told us his story about his filipino maid.

who would have thot that nowadays slavery is still practised.  even in malaysia, ok?  it is hidden under the  title workers - domestic workers, factory workers and also sex workers.  it has opened my eyes how so many bad people who could profit from all these. 

IF the victim is powerless to escape through the perpetrator's use of force, fraud or coercion to provide services in the form of labour or sex for another this is called human trafficking!!  some victims encounter force labor or debt bondage at the hands of their employers, employment agents or informal labor recruiters.  surprisingly, the malaysian government statictics shows that, on average, it rescues about 2 victims every day.  how about the rest?

if money is more important than a person's liberty, than it becomes slavery.  we were told of a story where a maid was poured with hot water every time she made a mistake while doing her task.  she was raped also by the male employer (oh so geram hearing this kind of stories)  making it more horrible, what was the female employer doing when she was raped? 

another story is when, a person kept his maid from getting her salary and not letting the maid from calling or checking on her loved ones at home.. not giving a holiday to the maid (i believe everybody shd be given a time off, kan).. not letting the maid practice her religion, not letting the maid mixed around with others (her friends or relatives) .. these are all slavery.  but we usually dont notice this because it happens in a private house.  tau2 sudah kena tangkap saja sbb the maid tak tahan and tried to jump from a building ke apa ke kan... oh what has happened to humanity?

one more thing, this happens quite some times already, there were these college girls.. saying they fall in love with their boyfriends from the same college (foreigners usually pakis or african countries) who is sooooooo romantic and sooo can do anything for love, and the girls dont care what their parents say anymore because they were blinded by love.. please be careful all parents out there.. your doter might be taken overseas and sold as prostitutes.. ya Allahhh.. it happened, already so many girls.. leaving their home and finding themselves to be sex workers overseas!!!

these are all community problems.  what can we do to help?
will tell you later!

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