Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Di jembatan itu

2 May 2006 4.04pm
Foto ini diambil pada raya kedua taun lepas di Jambatan Seberang Tok Pi, Kuala Perlis. Itu sebelum kami bertolak ke jeti dan terus ke Langkawi, berhari raya di sana.

Itu aku dan Am, kakakku yang nomor 3. Kena bitau kerana aku ada 3 orang kakak and this is my closest sister of all. She's just 2 years older than me, but much much wiser in terms of life experience, working etc.. etc. Manyak benda aku slalu refer to her and we share almost everything. She have 4 children which she always called "my gremlins". I don't know what charm she's wearing... she doesnt like kids so much, but my two kids, they really like to go to her house and eat there. Apa-apapun am marahkan diaorang, they still love to go there. Am memang ada memakai gitu...

The secretaries survey's result is out already... i didn't win anything, even the laziest secretary pun tak dapat... anyway... a course - half day course will be given to all the secretaries to brief them about their job??? Donno laa..

Kerja tetap gitu juga... langsung ilang mood citer pasal jembatan tu!!


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