Thursday, July 27, 2006


27 July 2006, Thursday

Semalam, Rabu, aku gi krusus stengah hari jer. Tah apa mimpi mereka mengantar semua sec pegi krusus ni. Tajuknya saja buat aku rasa kecik. Aku tak boleh bawak imej sorang sec, katanya.. hati aku selalu jugak berkata, badan besau cam aku ni pakai apapun rasanya tak seswai nak amik tempat kat corporate world. Anyway, kata pompuan itu, you don't need to crack your bank account and no need to rob a bank to dress up to kill. Kuang kuang kuang. Setujuk? Smskan Image space and send to 32999. Huahahhhhhh....

Antara notes yang sempat aku amik semalam berkaitan dengan imej:

Your image speaks.......
  • sec is the gate keeper, wow!!
  • image means power, acceptance and respect
  • you are your company's product
  • image is a reflection of your being
  • what makes you stand out
  • personal beauty is greater that any letter of reference (kata- kata Aristotle)
  • First impression takes 4 seconds to be developed, last or lasting
  • learn your job first, be humble, quickly adjust to your work
  • perceived image, the way you package yourself will determine the kind of people you will attract
  • blufflogy - make belief terms in the office
  • i am the hour glass person, ada shape maa, just big in size jer
  • would you like to use our washroom (to zip up yourself)?
  • our face is our fortune
  • never critise in front of others
  • punctuality reflects professionalism katanya...
  • handshakes, equal ladies or gentleman
  • ladies first does not apply in business world
  • handling critism by listening, agree to disagree?
  • show loyalty to a colleague who has been critised in absence (what?)
  • say sorry if you have made the mistakes, eat humble pie
  • image enhancers are accountability, finish what you start, conversational skills, approachable, polished your total look
  • always have the sense of humor, best medicine

Bila baca balik, semua kita tau dah, but some have not been practised, abis, cemana?

Aku suka kalao company antar lagi aku pegi kursus-kursus begini, time kasihlaa.. i really appreciate it.


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