Thursday, July 07, 2011

personal touch with ina & roslee, shah alam

apa yg kami discussed semalam yek..
more on how we were doing lately..
how to get our family member to join us in this business and how we were put down.. always.. and we fight back..
how to convince people that this is the right business..
but then we realised..
.. we have made a great decision already..
.. just continue to do what we are doing
.. just be happy of what we are doing

the moral of the story in this entry is.. kami dah tau hala tuju masing2 dalam bidang ni, kejayaan pasti milik kami.. insyaallah

lecey laa.. takde amik gambo langsung.. hebat bincang, sampai lupa.. hihi

so, apa ditunggu lagi..

buat appointment dgn akak.. kita di bidang yg betul..

kak su bidadari - 014 - 7242 338

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