Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Plainly doing her duty?

I was just taking the sentence out of my fren's mouth. This is not what this person do best!

We were referring to the other person (which i dare not call fren) who's taking both of us so lightly. She wants to be considered an important person, but she always, almost all the time, ignores others feelings to the point that we feel the word "hate" isn't enough to describe our feelings towards her!


  1. plainly doing duty not in a plain cloth

  2. wear plain cloth, duty naturally (apo maksud den ni ha?) eden dah confuse dah....

  3. Make sure the plain cloth is sewn to a dress/baju kurung, then make sure it is IRONED nicely before u go to work, rite.. that's what u were trying to say, kan?? Hikkk!