Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Party Most Awaited

18 April 2006 11.11am

Od tanya, bila party tu? Hentah.. i tot kita yang organize. That side nampaknya buat a very close one. Only the good good like person will be invited. I heard the the invitees have to bring food. This time it's gonna be western that they are dining with. Alamak, i heard ada hot dog la, baked beans la, spagethi la and much much more western foods (dimasak eastern people).

The one i organize is the other party.. to celebrate garts leaving the company. How God has granted my wish that she have found another job elsewhere. How happy we were. At least for me and Od. She is one hell of a bragging person... Skrg ni lagi la, since da dapat kerja ni. Simply because she feel that she's still "laku" gitu. Maybe this party is celebrated between me and Od at our favourite restaurant, macik garang ker?

Od said, to announce thru e-mail to all frens, but to put her name at the bcc, but not to invite, can she understand? Memang da style dia, antar mel tu us using the bcc. When asked why not use cc or just to us, she would not answer. "Sumer orang pun i buat gitu, jangan terasa ati la". Showing her stupidity la tu. Apa lagi, no strong reason of doing such thing.

From what i remember, she is the type of person that feels she's so perfect. Always finding fault in others, but don't ever try to blame it on her... no way jose. When she was still temp staff, she always asked " bila la aku ni nak diambik jadi perm staff. Kalo dah permanent, baru la rasa belong".. gitu la lebih kurang. Nowadays, sejak dia team up with her twin - Garf, dia jadi lebih teruk. Dapat kawan yang selalu buruk sangkakan orang. Memang perangai yang teruk sejak first day dia dok kat sebelah aku ni. Dah banyak kali Garf kena tegur, but she doesn't seem to change. Dah jadi hard habit. Now that Gats going, she is also putting a dream that she is leaving too. As soon as she got another offer (bila la tu), she's getting her feet off this office. I also pray for her on this. Biaolah sini kosong sikit dari orang-orang begini. Merasa mereka lebih pandai dan tak pedulikan orang lain.

Satu perkara yang sedih di sini ialah, the management has decided not to give us our usual secretary's lunch for the secretaries week. Can u imagine how sedih i feel. My third year with this company, almost loving it here, suddently takde lagi itu spesel lunch. Nak mogok la. Buat kerja slow slow, boleh?

Adios amigos.

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  1. secretaries lunch tu kekadang lagi 2, 3 hari baru nak inform ada ke tak. tunggu aje lah ek. kalau tidak... our motivasi is going down the hill lah, kan kan kan